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About Us

A hidden treasure in the interior of Portugal.

Surrounded by the lush landscapes of cork oak and pine forests and the shimmering waters of the Sorraia river, we find Quinta da Mimosa, a hidden treasure in the interior of Portugal.

Upon arriving at the estate, the natural beauty of the landscape is complemented by the melodious sound of birds singing in harmony with the gentle breeze, which, among the leaves of the trees, spreads the scents of wildflowers through the air.

Our Houses

A rural experience, the comfort of your home!

The best experiences require the best comfort, we have equipped each of our houses with everything you need for a rural experience, just like in your own home!

From 80€/day
From 160€/day
From 170€/day

Our Experiences


Enjoy a coastal experience without leaving the interior in our heated saltwater swimming pool.


A gastronomic experience right in the morning with our complimentary breakfast made up of the best regional products. 


Enjoy the tranquillity and peace of Alentejo’s nature in our garden, a perfect refuge to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


Football Field

You’ll be able to enjoy some good football games on our field, with family, friends, or even against other guests.

Events lounge

In our event hall, you can host any party you want with friends, family, or even your colleagues. With a capacity to accommodate up to 50 people, we offer a complete service for your convenience.



We have prepared a list of our favorite places in the region for you to enjoy and experience the best that Ribatejo and Alentejo have to offer. If you know of other places, please share them with us.

Physical Exercise

Because physical exercise is fundamental to promote health and well-being, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, we have created a space for you to release your energy through physical exercise.


Because the rural experience wouldn’t make sense without our friendly animals who love to receive affection and attention. Here, you’ll be able to feed them under the supervision of our staff and give them the love they crave.

"Quinta da mimosa,
where time stands still...
the soul rests,
peace prevails."

– Ricardo Silva – 

Bar, the synonym of happiness!

Just one more...

At the end of the night, as the doors start to close, and we hear from the depths, “just one more…” We know what you’re thinking, but we’ll tell you right now, you’re mistaken! 


It’s just one more STORY, in this cosy corner, in the middle of our estate, where we find the best moments of sharing. We bring our guests together, offer a taste of the wines from our region, share good music, and end the night sharing stories. It’s just one more…


Activities that enrich your experience!

In the middle of nowhere, yet with everything around. From the activities we have planned in our Quinta, to the activities in the surroundings, experiences will not be lacking!

In the surrounding


In the Quinta da Mimosa
In the surrounding